The PC-HAZMAT™ is a robotic vision system allowing realtime 3D inspection of highly radioactive materials. This state-of-the-art image acquisition tool utilizes two independent optical columns of radiation-tolerant glass coupled with two radiation-hardened cameras to produce true 3D perspective. Remote control of robotics is accomplished through a personal computer and familiar graphic user interface.

Announcing the PC-HAZMAT™, a hot cell ready robotic vision system capable of live 3D stereo viewing of highly radioactive elements. At the heart of this remote inspection system is a patented stereoscopic head containing custom radiation-tolerant glass lenses. This optical configuration allows true 3D stereo vision via two independent optical columns and cameras, providing images of areas from 34mm wide down to 2mm wide.

The imaging robot provides a range of motion of 50cm long x 25cm wide x 15cm tall while only occupying 75cm wide x 75cm deep of floorspace. XYZ positioning of the microscope head is accomplished thru a 3-axis radiation-hardened stepper motor stage. Optical components, cameras, and stepper motors are rated at 108 maximum radiation dosage. Optional components rated at 109 may be substituted to increase lifespan. All components can be encased in a stainless steel cover to shield them from particulate and corrosive contaminants.

True 3D viewing is accomplished with LCD shutter glasses coupled with standard CRT technology, or optional flicker-free no-glasses-required display technology. All robotic motion is controlled through a graphic user interface consisting of point-and-click buttons, slider bars, and menus.

Not only can the robotic imager be operated remotely "over the wall" from outside the hot cell, but TriTek's proprietary remote control software allows inspectors to work from the comfort of their office. The live video data and control commands are transferred to and fro via LAN or even WAN. All remote access is secured by complex encryption algorithms.